Hands Off Our Homes!

Mayor de Blasio is using every trick he can think of to gain control of our HDFC co-ops. He's not only threatened to kill our DAMP tax exemption in the City if we refuse to be re-regulated and stripped of our independence—he's introduced legislation in Albany retroactively changing the very nature of our HDFC co-ops!

Thanks to an onslaught of phone calls and emails by homesteaders like you, NYS Senate bill S6543 (essentially handing control of HDFCs to the City) has been put on pause.

The priority now is telling the City it has to live up to its end of the HDFC bargain, and respect our rights as homeowners.

We also have to encourage our Councilmembers to respect the law they themselves passed, and protect the DAMP tax exemption that de Blasio threatens to withdraw if we don't give in to his blackmail.

While the NYS bill is temporarily on pause, we also have to remind our representatives in Albany that de Blasio's plan to retroactively change the nature of our corporations and steal our homes is not only an assault on hardworking New Yorkers, but an attack on the rule of law. And we won't stand for it.


Our reps in Albany

Brian Kavanagh - Senate District 26 518-455-2625 or 212-298-5565
Brad Hoylman - Senate District 27 518-455-2451 or 212-633-8052
Yuh-Line Niou - Assembly District 65 518-455-3640 or 212-312-1420
Deborah J. Glick - Assembly District 66 518-455-4841 or 212-674-5153

If you don't know who your reps are, click here to find your NY State Senator.
And click here to find your NY State Assembly Member.

By the way, short, simple and clear is best.

Sample message:

I'm an HDFC coop shareholder in New York City. De Blasio's attempt to retroactively change the nature of HDFCs is a disaster for me.

I worked hard for my home. It's one of my few assets as I approach retirement.

It is simply unacceptable that control of my property be transferred to the City of New York.

I'm counting on you to protect New York homeowners.

Thank you.

Learn more about the legislative attack on HDFC's here.

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