About Us

The East Village/Lower East Side HDFC Coalition is a grassroots organization committed to mobilizing shareholders throughout our neighborhood, and working with other HDFC groups across New York City to defend our homes. United, we can prevail over cynical politicians and corrupt real estate interests! Click here to get involved.

Statement of Our Principles

1. We strongly affirm the right to self-determination of each HDFC co-op.
2. We vehemently oppose any retroactive changes to the corporate status of HDFC co-ops.
3. We strongly support the continuation of the "DAMP" tax exemption written into law by the City Council, and not due to expire until 2029.
4. We adamantly oppose the re-regulation of HDFC co-ops as a class.
5. We call for assistance to struggling HDFC co-ops that does not entail the imposition of new, long-term and punitive "regulatory agreements" which strip them of the rights and obligations of ownership contained in their founding documents.

In the East Village/Lower East Side, more than 2,000 of us call HDFC co-ops our home. Discover your HDFC neighbors.

Learn about the origin of HDFC co-ops and the issues we're facing.